Market Leader with Heart

The search for optimum human health is the main driver at Kwara Chemicals. In its effort to foster well-being in the communities it serves, Kwara Chemicals enhances the quality of life through research and development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health care products.

Kwara Chemicals establishes its brand image through a robust and agile marketing and sales presence throughout Nigeria, and is acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing company in the regions it markets its products.

The fact that our products are well-accepted and their demand is growing in Nigeria is because of the confidence imposed in their quality by the medical community and patients, globally.

World-Class and Manufacturing
We manufacture high-quality branded generics, that are leaders in their class at our facility in Nigeria.

Business Partnerships
Kwara Chemicals puts a premium on developing associations with companies that are committed with passion and ethics in one or more of the following areas: contract research, contract development; manufacturing; marketing; or distributing pharmaceutical and health care products.

Human Resource Development and Corporate Culture
The key to ensure quality of the products and maintain our market leadership is to develop the quality of our people. One of Kwara Chemicals’ key objectives is to ensure that we are rated by our employees as one of the best companies to work for. Respect for people, respect for our business associates and customers, a focus on safe technology, teamwork and transparency are the core values upon which we build our corporate culture. We aspire to stay agile, year after year, by creating a vision-driven organization that continuously strives to empower its people. As a result, our people have very high energy levels and they set very high goals for themselves for which they feel fulfilled and are rewarded.

Socially Conscious Company
Good corporate citizenship is a key focus area at Kwara Chemicals. We maintain an unwavering focus on the well-being of every community in every region in which we operate.